Introducing our new inpatient plan range – InCare

We are delighted to announce that we are introducing a new range of inpatient plans to the IPMI market called InCare.

The new plans are available immediately as both individual and group policies.

The InCare plan range has been designed specifically for the needs of both individuals and companies wanting a health plan with rich inpatient benefits, useful services for global mobility, and market-leading value.

InCare plans are perfect for those who want protection against high-cost inpatient care or expensive treatment, but don’t want to pay for a comprehensive health plan.

Both InCare plans, Life and Premier, include comprehensive hospitalisation and rehabilitation benefits, along with 24/7 emergency medical assistance, life cover and mental health benefits.

InCare Life is designed for the budget conscious client who is most concerned about the high costs of hospitalisation. This is an ideal product for regions where outpatient treatment is less costly, but private health protection is crucial.

InCare Premier is targeted at a different demographic than the Life plan. This plan is aimed at those who prefer to self-insure outpatient costs, but want protection against high cost claims due to hospitalisation. InCare Premier offers a higher overall policy limit, private room cover and increased limits for Accidental Death & Dismemberment.

A unique feature of our InCare plans is that they include outpatient rehabilitation, prescriptions and follow-up consults, following a hospitalisation.

The InCare plans are also geared for modern trends in international mobility. All plans come with our Life Aware Programme, supporting day-to-day life challenges, 24/7 emergency medical assistance and evacuation, and access to Security and Natural Disaster assistance.

The InCare plans are fully integrated with the Integra Global yourHealth App, meaning members can access all their services in one convenient place, not to mention linking up their health records account. The plans also fully integrate with our online claims portal.

And finally, like all our Integra Global health plans, our InCare policies have no exclusion wording for pandemics or natural disasters. Hence, your clients do not need to worry about being covered during this current coronavirus crisis or any future pandemic.

Our InCare policies are underwritten by MGEN and use Medical Administrators International (MAI) as global claims administrator. We have been successfully partnered with MGEN and MAI since the launch of our comprehensive Worldwide health plans in 2018. With these partners, we have consistently achieved claims processing times within 5-7 working days over the last two years, offering first-class customer service to our members.

Please note that this product is not available for expatriates residing in Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, United Arab Emirates and United States of America.