New worldwide member claims portal

Integra Global announces the launch of a brand new online member portal.

The website, operated by Integra Global’s claims administrator MAI, goes live today and will serve as a hub for all Integra Global worldwide members to use their health policy.

The portal will allow members to:

  • Download policy documents
  • Update personal details and information
  • Pre-authorise treatment
  • Make and track claims
  • Access Integra Global medical providers directory

Members can access the portal by visiting online or by using the Integra Global yourHealth app.

Philip Catterton, Managing Director at Integra Global Group, commented: “Our goal is to make the lives of our members easier, by giving them quick and easy access to healthcare around the world.

“We believe that this new portal, in addition to our app, yourHealth, provides a great way for our members to manage their policy online, with ease, transparency and efficiency.

“In addition, our members will now be able to track their current and historical claims with our administrator, MAI, making the process more straightforward for all.”

Integra Global launches the member portal following the announcement that residents of China & Singapore will be incorporated under its worldwide underwriting partnership with MGEN.