Hong Kong Direct Billing Update

We have unexpectedly been informed by LAMP that Hong Kong policies that are currently in force with LAMP, will no longer have Direct Billing access available to them with Hong Kong providers. These policies will have full Direct Billing access available to them again at the latest once they renew and claims are serviced by our new Underwriter Generali Global Health (GGH).

We are currently in negotiations with LAMP to resolve this situation. However, until we can rectify this matter we need to inform you that for those policies still currently under LAMP we will be offering services in Hong Kong on a pay and claim basis and will offer a Guarantee of Payment (GOP) to providers where feasible. Direct billing in China and Singapore is not affected.

In the event of an emergency please contact our emergency assistance provider at +44 1444 444 952 or +1 844 284 0210 (toll-free within the USA).

For ease of reference, please click here to find the revised network list.

We understand you may have questions and/or concerns. If you wish to discuss this further, please contact me directly.