MedNet Premium Service Line

We are pleased to announce that a MedNet premium service line is now available to all of our members residing in the UAE.

The premium service line features:

A team dedicated to serving the specific needs of our members.
Direct access to highly trained staff on our plans.
A callback service, where members can request a team member contacts them within 30 minutes of their call.
24/7 assistance on pre-authorisations and claim queries.

The premium service line will be introduced to our members in a phased approach, to guarantee the quality of this service. Initially, members will see the premium number listed on their MedNet e-Cards. After a trial period we will include the service line in all of our relevant policy documents.

MedNet Premium Service Line: +971 (0)4 275 7802

We are confident that this new service will reduce waiting times, and significantly improve our members overall experience when contacting MedNet.