• Care, everywhere

    Expats need quick, reliable access to care all over the world. That’s why all our plans include the latest digital health tools.

The Integra Global yourHealth app

By downloading the app, members can carry their policy with them at all times, allowing them to:

  • Access their ID card
  • Pre-authorise treatment
  • Submit a claim
  • View all their policy documents
  •  Contact us at any time – find phone numbers or email us directly through the app
  • Create an emergency health record required in an emergency, e.g. allergy details

It also integrates directly with Apple Health, building up a better picture of their health over time.

Safety and data privacy are our highest priorities. All data is securely encrypted with the latest technology and they decide who they share it with. The Integra Global yourHealth app puts them in control of their essential health information, to help with their health and wellness decisions.

Your health records

Through the app, members have safe and convenient access to their online records from anywhere in the world via a leading digital health records service.

They can share their records with trusted health partners and instantly check their insurance information so they get the right care as quickly as possible.

Where they can get it

Available for iPhone and iPad via the App Store and for Android devices in the Google Play store –just search ‘Integra Global yourHealth’.


Home screen

On the home screen, members will find a quick dial link to the emergency medical assistance service. They can also connect the app to Apple Health. Access all the other key features the app offers.

ID card

All their important personal and policy information at their fingertips. It also includes all the key contact telephone numbers members will need.


Treatment can be easily pre-authorised through the app. They can even select existing or add a new health record to speed up the authorisation process.

Submit a claim

Submitting a claim through the app saves time and paperwork. Also, any receipts and invoices can be added to their claim as photos via the app.

Help with your health plan

If at any point a member has any questions or queries about their plan, coverage or anything else about their policy, our member care team are at the end of the phone or just an email away.

Important contact numbers

All telephone numbers can be found in this section.

Policy documents

Members can find their policy documents here. There is a summary of all the benefits and the main terms and conditions of the plan.


Members can email us any questions they may have directly through the app.

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UK +44 333 405 3003

US +1 888 753 1377

(North America toll-free)



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